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Question 01: How do you define a modular kitchen?
Answer 01: A modular kitchen is primarily a strategy to design a kitchen in a unique way. Its distinct feature is the logical placement of the kitchen accessories and fittings so as to reap greater ease while working in the room. Compared to the traditional method it is time and effort saving, cost effective, more hygienic, colourful, more functional and completing exciting to adopt in the homes in today's day and age. The starting range of a simple modular kitchen may be around Rs 50,000 approximately. With fewer specifications it may be possible to get a modular kitchen designed in a span of few weeks.

Question 02: Can I customize a kitchen as per my requirements?
Answer 02: A modular kitchen is a beautiful concept that can and should be introduced in each and every home. While tailor-made designs are already available in the market with brands such as IFB and Godrej Interio, one can also mention one's specifications to the manufacturer to get the right kind of design. A buyer can mention the type of kitchen design (Straight wall design or Parallel counters), colour scheme, size, shape, quantity and quality of the appliances (sink, hob and chimney) required from his end. The manufacturers work closely so as to get an elegant and functional kitchen ready for the buyer.

Question 03: What is better - branded modular kitchen or non-branded one?
Answer 03: Ideally a buyer has two options - either to choose branded modular kitchen or one that is designed by a local carpenter. Both the alternatives bring with them distinct benefits. Brands such as Sleek, Ultrafresh and Kutchina offer an exhaustive range of kitchen solutions structured using state-of-the-art technology. On the other hand, with a local carpenter involved a buyer can specify various modifications to be accommodated in the design. Further a branded modular kitchen may be slightly expensive that the latter one. The buyer should weigh the pros and cons of both the options to see which one matches his needs the most.

Question 04: How costly can the affair of modular kitchen be?
Answer 04: A modular kitchen comes with varied schemes in terms of design, colour, pattern, functions and layout. The cost of a kitchen may highly depend on the factors of available kitchen space, frequency of use, brand preference, kitchen design, number and quality of the kitchen appliances and fittings. While a simple modular kitchen may cost around RS 45000, an elaborate and exuberant design may run into lakhs of rupees. Hence the investment to be made can be reduced or increased depending upon the features to be added. This means the buyer has complete control over the budget of the desired modular kitchen.

Question 05: How soon can a modular kitchen be installed at home?
Answer 05: A modular kitchen is designed after considering various factors such as the type of kitchen design, brand preference, usage of the kitchen, quality of appliances, number of accessories and available room size. Higher the specifications, longer may be the time frame for getting designed the right type of modular kitchen. Generally a simple kitchen design may consume about two to three weeks for completion. The designs that are more intricate in nature may need couple of months. However once installed,, a modular kitchen is that dream-turned-into-reality which will add the necessary dash of fun, hygiene, functionality and vibrancy to the homes.

Question 06: Is it possible to maintain the modular kitchen clean all the time?
Answer 06: Modular kitchen is a smart solution for today's world. If designed carefully it is quite simple to maintain the same. With the appliances positioned in the right places, half the task of maintenance is solved through modular kitchens. As for the rest of the duties, one should ensure avoid using sharp objects for cleaning the kitchen. A dry sink will ensure better maintenance and longer service period of the appliance. Avoid letting dust and dirt get accumulated in the kitchen. At regular interval of time, it is advised if the user can use a dry cloth to keep the counter tables clean.

Question 07: Is there anything specific to learn about kitchen appliances such as chimney, sink and hob?
Answer 07: With the introduction of the concept of modular kitchen, it is now possible to have kitchens with a variety of appliances. One can pick accessories such as cabinets, hob, shutters, dishwasher, microwave oven, chimney and sink on the basis of the design, look, features and size. Gas chimney, electric chimney, stainless steel sink or marble made sink are few of the varieties. The buyer definitely needs to know what is required by him and in the budget to be able to choose the right type of appliance in order to get installed a completely elegant, functional and clean modular kitchen.
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