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Shutter Furniture

The scintillating and elegant kitchen shutters work wonders in enhancing the modular kitchen look. The different types of kitchen shutters play an important role in the kitchen that suits your lifestyle and matches to the contemporary kitchen ambience. With the advanced kitchen accessories and appliances, the shutters become a part of the modular kitchen designing.

Solid Wood

Solid Wood Shutters, Mysore
For solid wood shutter natural wood like teak wood, Walnut wood, oak wood, rubber wood is used as the interior shutter material. The exterior surface of the shutter is polished with water-proof polish using spray guns to give a rich look to the kitchen shutters. Natural wood shutters are very expensive and not an eco friendly option. The natural grains in the wood give a highly aesthetic look to the shutters. Different shades of Teak, Rosewood finish can be also applied on rubber wood boards to give a feel of teak wood. The cost of getting this shutter is high but these shutters are durable. They are termite free and last for a longer period of time.

PU Coated

PU Coated Shutters, Mysore
In the PU coated shutters the interior shutters are painted with Auto coat paints on the base. Then these shutters are painted with Polyurethane paint which provides a hard, durable gloss for crafts and model making, applied to almost any surface. They are fully water-proof and long lasting. The look of painted shutter would depend upon the skill level of the painters. Shutters painted using spray guns look better than manually painted shutters. . You can choose from a simple spray method to an extremely durable and high-gloss finished coating. It works on MDF and Marine Ply. You can select from a countless numbers of shades to suit your modular kitchen look.


Membrane Shutters, Mysore
Membrane skins are imported foil sheets laminated on the 18mm water-proof MDF boards or 18mm MR Plywood. The finishing is trendy and modern. Carving or grooving is also an option to go for on these shutters. They have high water resistance. They are factory made shutters. It perfectly bends at the edges, leaving no corner joints which helps in enhancing the look of the complete kitchen. These shutters are highly durable as they are termite resistant. The cleaning and maintenance of these shutters is also easy and hassle free.


Floral Shutters, Mysore
Floral shutters as the name suggest are very much inspired by nature. It reflects the true personality of the kitchen. Nature and kitchen have very common features. One of quality is that they are of giving nature. Both kitchen and nature work day and night to give benefits to the people. They both are functioning so that they can help people live. Floral shutters make the kitchen look lively. There are many colours and prints available to choose from. These shutters are very easy to clean and maintain. They make the kitchen look new always.


Acrylic Shutters, Mysore
Acrylic sheets are imported pre-laminated board that is glued to18mm water-proof MDF boards. The finishing is trendy and modern. The Acrylic shutters have shining look to it. It also gives the kitchen the aesthetic look. One can never go wrong with it. There are many designs and patterns in this variety. The colour options in acrylic are humungous. One can play with the colours and designs as per their taste and preference. They are very easy to clean as just wipe them with a cloth and they start shining. They are satin free. They are very durable as they are scratch free, termite free, etc.


Laminates Shutters, Mysore
These types of shutters come with decorative mica lamination on the water-proof 18mm MDF boards or 18 mm MR plywood, HDF or MDF Boards. The shutter will have wood beading, aluminium beading profiles or PVC tapes on all four sides giving it a very contemporary and modern look. Laminated shutters can be made by carpenter manually. Laminated shutters can produce can produce sharp edges which have the risk of causing damage. More than 1500 Color along with shade combinations like Matt or Glossy Finish can be used. The advantage of laminates is to avoid sharp edges and thereby giving the shutters a very sleek and stylish look.
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